Cherries, Amaretto Sour Cream and Brown Sugar

Total Time
Prep 15 mins
Cook 0 mins

I was about to make Sheri D's Amaretto Sourcream Strawberries #161835, when my mom stopped by with 3 pounds of fresh Bing Cherries from Eastern Washington. She makes the 5 hour drive annually in July just to get fresh cherries and stock up on wine for the year! She saw what I was making and suggested the following recipes for the cherries. I don't care for the taste of powdered sugar, and I don't think the recipe needs it, so I don't use it, but you decide. These are so simple, elegant (except for spitting out the pits) and yummy! Enjoy!!


  1. Mix sour cream and Amaretto. Add more Amaretto to taste if needed.
  2. If desired, add powdered sugar to mixture.
  3. Place sour cream mixture into small "dipping" dish.
  4. Place brown sugar into second small "dipping" dish.
  5. Dip cherries in sour cream and then the brown sugar.
  6. Eat and enjoy!
Most Helpful

So simple and so good! I skipped the powdered sugar and used low fat sour cream--Delicious, summery tasting little dessert. Thanks, Mrs. G!

Chef Kate July 15, 2006