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we enjoyed this spicy dish and I am giving it a 4 star. I was a bit confused with the ingredient list as the celery/bamboo shoots and tomato were listed with the coating mixture. If I hadn't read the recipe through I would have thought that they were to be mixed with the coating ingredients.

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jan007 October 30, 2002

Ingredients aren't authentic. For dry sherry use Shaoxing wine, available in any Chinese market. (Does not taste like sherry.) For vinegar use rice vinegar. (Do not use cider vinegar.) Do not use ketchup or Worcestershire sauce. I am not a fanatic for accuracy, but why adulterate some ingredients and not others? This is a mixture of Chinese-American and Chinese.

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James Elkins June 07, 2010

This didn't work well for me at all. I wanted to increase the meat, so planned to double all the other ingredients. First, I could see I didn't need all that liquid to marinate the chicken. Then, I measured out the sauce ingredients, but ended up using only about half. The rest got tossed. Even so, it was very soupy. Added to that, I don't really think the Worcestershire sauce went well with the other ingredients. Also, while I wasn't really confused by the layout of the recipe, it does look like the vegetables are part of the coating (which I would call marinade.)

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mianbao October 22, 2005
Chengdu Chicken