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This lasagna recipe is not only extremely smooth tasting it is quick too. I had everthing on hand so this worked out perfectly. I use finely chopped carrots in my tomato sauce that I can for the winter. The carrot(s) seem to help the acid level (and taste) of the sauce, and no one notices. Perfect! The celery only enhances the taste even more so. This brings a depth of flavor that really is concentrated, and absolutely delish. I didn't add salt, as there was enough from the celery, tomato paste and mozzarella cheese. I used fresh (diced) tomatoes from the garden, The whole dish was beautiful, and exceptional dish, that will be part of the Saturday Lunch at the Farm rotation for years to come. Thanks so much, Chef floWer!!

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Andi of Longmeadow Farm August 19, 2007

I used the beef option and aside from trying to convert the gram measurements to U.S. measurements everything went well. I needed to use added beef broth (in place of water) because I used "no pre cook" noodles and I also added a 1/3 cup of parm cheese just because I like. It turned our very nice indeed and smelled wonderful. This went to a potluck (I cut it into 12 servings) and it was the first dish to disappear and some folks came back to see if there was any left. One lady ask me for the recipe. I'll be making this in a smaller amount for DH and I soon but I think I'll leave out the carrots and celery fo us. Very tasty lasagna.

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Annacia March 16, 2007

Honest truth -- the directions were a bit confusing for me, but I've made lasagne for yonks and yonks, so the procedure could be done in the dark with one arm tied behind my back. I used dry TVP crumbles which I reconstituted in chicken-flavored (but vegetarian) broth. The broth had enough sodium in it to flavor the TVP, otherwise I think more salt needs to be added to the recipe. I used lasagne sheets that don't have to be pre-cooked, and the nice lady at the supermarket was kind enough to grate my cheese for me, so it was a very easy recipe to put together. I love the texture of the vegetables mixed in together with the TVP.

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Mirj March 01, 2007
Chef Flower's Lasagna Lasagne