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Delicious and very simple to prepare. I like the directions, too! In Step #3 I placed the lid on the pan, brought to the boil then simmered 5 mintues. For those of you living in the States, you can find crushed vermicelli for about 25 cents a bag (approx. 1 1/4 cups) in the Mexican food aisle. They are called "fideos" in Spanish. Anyway, thanks for posting and I will be making this pilaf recipe again very soon, Chef floWer! cg;)

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COOKGIRl January 08, 2008

Thanks so much for this! My mother-in-law is Turkish Cypriot and she has told me how to make this dish, but she never gives me actual measurements so I've never gotten it quite right. When I made this for my husband he felt like he was back in Cyprus! All I'd recommend is adding a dollop of good, thick Greek style yogurt (closest thing to Cypriot yogurt in the US) to each plate. Similar to the other reviews mine was a little watery as well, but I think that bringing the mix to a boil with the top off before simmering for 4 minutes (with top on) would take care of this.

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christiepennock March 06, 2009

So unusual! My grains were also a little moist, again, this was almost certainly my fault, I used canned tomatoes and I think I had a little too much liquid. but I loved the taste and the concept, something different! The family, not always wild about new ideas, enjoyed this, I will definitely try it again, balancing stock and tomatoes. thank you Flower! made for the Australian RecipeSwap, October 2008

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Karen Elizabeth October 13, 2008

This was delicious! I think I'll just add a cup and a quarter of the stock next time though, as I think the canned tomatoes I used were a little watery. As a general rule, the liquid should just cover the bulgur (so my grandma says!) As a Turkish Cypriot born in London who's been living in Cyprus for the past 5 years, you'd think I would have picked up Turkish cooking by now...not so! Thanks to your great and simple recipe, I can now make great Turkish dishes - thanks, Chef Flower!

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Cem May 15, 2008

I just made this recipe, loved it, my changes were to simmer a large chicken breast to obtain the chicken stock, and add the shredded cooked chicken to the mixture. I used fresh tomatoes, but think the canned diced would have been much better. Instead of yogurt my husband added a pat of butter. I had the yogurt and really enjoyed that! This is a recipe that I will use often.

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fargo_60018 March 22, 2008

I enjoyed this pilaf a lot and it was so easy to make! A friend has a very similar family recipe but hers has no tomato - I liked the additional flavor they added. The only change I made was to use fresh chopped (seeded) tomatoes instead of canned. I also used the same Mexican fideo as Cookgirl (but I think it cost me more than a quarter LOL). After 5 minutes the mixture was still pretty watery but I think my fire may have been too low. I cranked it up a notch and cooked for an additional 5 minutes and then it was perfect. This was only my third time using bulgur and I am very glad I tried it. Thank you for the recipe floWer!

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flower7 January 22, 2008

Not going to offer a formal review as I altered the technique and have concern that it may have altered the final results. Instead of using a tea towel, I used a double ply of paper towels. While the taste of my side was really good my grains were a bit too moist and mushy. I also thing getting a decent boil before shutting the burner off will also help with this problem. Despite that, the flavors were really good yet simple enough to allow this to pair with many combinations. We used the leftovers as the based of a salad with a mixture of steamed vegetables and leftover chicken. (Yummy.) Since I eat bulgar quite frequently and enjoyed the taste of this, I am planning to make it again and will re-review then.

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justcallmetoni October 29, 2007
Chef Flower's Cracked Wheat Pilaf - Kibrisli Bulgur Pilavi