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We really loved the flavors of the steak, spinach and potatoes together. It all blended so nicely. The potatoes were just awesome! Really loved the addition of the asiago cheese to it (I did add a little extra because everyone knows you can never have enough chese). I had to sub proscuitto for the pancetta as I couldn't find any at the time. The shallots and cayenne pepper were terrific additions to the spinach layer. Only other change I made was to sprinkle our steaks with a little Mrs. Dash and then grilled them. I have to say the sauce was good, but I could just as well do without.

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Kim127 March 30, 2008

As per(fect) any recipe you try of Chef floWer's this one stands out as all of them do. This week had been a terribly busy, and hustle bustle week on the farm. We were, quite frankly; exhausted. Vegetables are going in, greenhouses full to brim, planting, and seeding of fields were being worked, the normal bustle of a farm in early Spring. I happened to be growing some young spinach in the greenhouse, had a beauty of rib steak in the freezer and pancetta to be used up. The night before I had made mashed potato, so when I saw this recipe how could I not grab it right of the *PRMR* shelf? I am so glad I did, I made one small change, and that was to use some grape jam that I had prepared earlier in the year as I was out raspberry. But other then that I stayed absolutely true to this recipe. Oh yes, I did add some red onion to the top of the steak just for presentation. This was outstanding, and already Dennis has asked for it again. Totally buttery, juicy and all the taste just melted together like one huge buttery taste of Spring. Thank you so very much, my friend, Chef floWer. We loved it!

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Andi of Longmeadow Farm March 29, 2008
Chef Flower's Ambrosial Beef on a Bed of Adorned Trimmings