Chef-Boy-I-Be-Illinois' Warm White Bean Salad With Prosciutto

Total Time
Prep 15 mins
Cook 0 mins

The prosciutto, rosemary and thyme give this savory side dish loads of flavor. It's a perfect accompaniment for those favorite, hearty Fall dishes and for an easy to prepare dish for those light Summer meals. It can hold up equally well to your roast pork as it can with salmon fillets. High in fiber and protein, low in fat, and high in flavor. You won't even miss your mashed potatoes!

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  1. Saute prosciutto strips in olive oil until crispy. Add rosemary and thyme and continue sauteeing for 1 minute to release the fragrant oils.
  2. In a medium serving bowl, combine vinegar, salt and pepper. Add beans and stir to combine. Add prosciutto and herb mixture with the olive oil and stir again to combine. The oil will complete your vinaigrette so that the vinegar will adhere to your beans. Then add your parmigiana and stir one last time to combine. Serve at room temperature.
  3. This dish is best prepared before your other dishes and allowed to sit for 30 minutes or so, but that's not necessary.
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Oooh - I don't want to be mean, but this didn't work for me at all! The rosemary was somewhat overpowering and there was too much liquid - the flavours just didn't work for my palette - sorry ....

amanda l b April 09, 2010