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Breakfast turned out delicious. A few subs had to be made with this diverse list of ingredients and what I had on hand, but I stayed true to the concept. (Cheddar in place of monterey jack, wasabi instead of horseradish, cream and evaporated milk substitued with powdered milk, butter and 2% milk)

I was a little weary, but this was awesome. Will have to up the wasabi to the upper limit of the horseradish range. I played it safe, but the dish can absorb the heat thanks to the cream sauce.

definitely 5 stars.


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Tone-Loc July 04, 2012

This is most definitely a gourmet burrito! I mostly followed the recipe but made a couple of minor substitutions - basically, using cooked salmon I had leftover from a previous meal, and grated cheddar as monterey jack is unavailable here. Paula's instructions are very well-organized and easy to follow. The recipe came together quickly and the taste was quite delicate. The kids really enjoyed these, so now I have a new recipe for leftover salmon! Thanks Paula. As always, your recipes ROCK.

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evelyn/athens January 27, 2011
Cheesy Salmon Breakfast Burrito Bake