Cheesy Panamanian Tortillas

READY IN: 6mins
Recipe by EmJoMay

The best way to eat/reheat Panamanian Tortillas! My mom swears up and down you can't reheat tortillas, but her siblings and I live for these. It makes a great breakfast or snack, especially for those on the go! You can use any kind of cheese, but beware of a few things: do not reheat tortillas more than once, and only use Panamanian Tortillas! They are not the same thing as Mexican Corn Tortillas, so make sure you know what you've got. ;) If you don't know how to make these tortillas, just check out the recipe I've posted under "Panamanian Tortillas". Also, don't use your toaster to reheat these. It's a good idea in theory, but it can ruin your toaster. lol. Have fun!

Top Review by mjerusha

Wow, this really works! I had my doubts, but it really worked. We had some homemade Columbian-style tortillas (white corn instant --not the same, but can't find the corn locally in SC), and although not crispy like the fresh ones, it was softer and still tasty, not like the cardboard the reheated ones usually taste like. Thanks for the tip!!!


  1. Slit open the tortilla.
  2. Use the knife or your fingers to open the rest of the inside of the tortilla to create a pocket--making sure not to cut the entire tortilla in two!
  3. Place the cheese in the pocket.
  4. Wrap the tortilla and cheese in a slightly damp paper towel or napkin, making sure to completely cover it.
  5. Place the bundle on a plate in the microwave and microwave on high for 30 seconds or until heated throughout.
  6. Unwrap the bundle and enjoy!

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