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I think the Big question for Emily is "drain or not drain" That is not mentioned in the recipe or instructions except if you use the broccoli. I made the recipe exactly with no substitutions. I did drain the green beans, but didn't drain the tuna. The flavor was good and it was extremely easy to make. It was too watery for my tastes. Next time I will drain both the green bean and the tuna. If I was going to add something to the recipe it would be mushrooms (tuna and mushrooms pair together well) and maybe some finely chopped red pepper to give the dish a little pop in color. Thanks Emily for posting your recipe.

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Gadgetsmidnight May 17, 2009

Really good!! I made this for a quick lunch as I had all the ingredients on hand (I used broccoli) - I didn't really expect much, but the simple combination really is very tasty! I drained the excess water before stirring. For some reason the cheeses did glue everything together though (and I mean really sticky-glued!), so this was a bit difficult to eat - don't know if it was the particular brands I used or what, but it was nothing a knife couldn't solve! :-) A great recipe for a quick, healthy lunch, thank you very much for sharing!

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stormylee January 21, 2009

This was a really good, quick and nutritious meal! I thought it was a little watery but otherwise very tasty and comforting. Thanks!

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SweetySJD April 03, 2008
Cheesy No-Bake Tuna Casserole (For One)