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Really good...and actually, I was a little suprised. Wasn't sure I'd like the ham and swiss cheese sauce with sweet potatoes, but had some leftover ham and a bag of sweet potatoes, so looked for a menu that used them both. It was super tasty! Loved the sauce, and like others, I did add more milk, and was glad I did. Made it much easier to spread the sauce while layering and made it really creamy. THANKS for a great new recipe.

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Kmac April 14, 2012

When I made this recipe, I took the tip from several other reviewers & added a bit of extra milk to the sauce mixture & that worked out just fine for us! Also did not peel the sweet potatoes since we like the extra nutrition we get from the skin! I'm particularly fond of sweet potatoes so this dish really hit the spot, especially since most of the sweet potato dishes that I make are the sweeter holiday kind ~ This is definitely a keeper recipe! [Tagged & made in Please Review My Recipe tag]

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Sydney Mike August 14, 2010

This is one of my favorites when I go car camping! You just need to pre-measure and pre-mix the dry ingredients, use canned sweet potatoes, and keep the other ingredients in a cooler until you're ready to use them. I also do all the cooking in the saucepan, rather than trying to bake it on my grill. Just keep stirring it and add a little more milk if needed.

Whether I'm camping or at home, I use turkey ham. It tastes just as good and cuts down the fat and the cost a bit.

P.S. I also got this recipe at the California State Fair but lost it. I've been looking for it for years! It's no longer available from the Sweet Potato Council.

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CamperCook December 07, 2011

I had never seen (that I recall) a pre-cooked sauce for scalloped potatoes and thought that it sounded wonderful. The single drawback for me was the sweet potatoes, we're not big fans of them. So I made the recipe just as ask, for 4 servings, but with Yukon Golds. The dish suited us to a T and the sauce is wonderful. Like another reviewer I needed to add a little extra milk as it got quite thick before the layering part. It's homey, cozy, comforting and just yummy. This will now be my go to recipe now for perfect sauced potatoes. Thanks very much Den. Made for Photo Tag.

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Annacia July 06, 2010

A long process to put this together but it was worth it. I cooked the sweet potatoes until a knife could slide out easily. I used Almond Milk , sharp cheese and dark brown mustard. Very rich and oh so delicious.

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Nancy C. May 04, 2016

I made this last night with our leftover spiral sliced ham. I roasted the sweet potatoes in the oven, I added a clove of diced garlic to the onions, and I used sliced Swiss cheese, as is, because I had it on hand from ham sandwiches. It turned out beautifully. Everyone - husband and 17 year old son and I, loved it. Sweet and savory and cheesy goodness. This is the ultimate comfort food! Everyone packed leftovers for lunch today - and that is a rare thing! It's GONE! I will definitely be making it again!

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Mindy W. January 08, 2016

This recipe was easy, different than anything else I've tried, and made for a great comfort-food. I loved it, so I'm giving it 5 stars (since I'm the one with the account!), but I will say that my boyfriend didn't like this at all, even though he's a big foodie. The unique mixture of flavors and the layers of soft, gooey textures aren't for everyone, so I wouldn't suggest making this for a family of picky-eaters. If you're open-minded and open-palated though, I'd definitely recommend giving it a try :) The only thing I changed was steaming the sweet potatoes and using part cheddar cheese.

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ThisCatCanCook November 10, 2015

Great combination of sweet and savory flavors! We just had this for dinner but I think this would be a knock out recipe for a brunch or breakfast potluck. I made this with 2 cups of half and half and half instead of milk since I had it on hand and I think it really added to the richness of this meal. This is a definite keeper for us and I love that it's an easy way for us to eat more sweet potatoes. Oh, and we also kept the skin on for the extra nutritional boost, or to counter balance the half and half, lol!

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Holly Y. July 08, 2015

Really, really good! I was pleasatly suprised at how tasty this is! I loved it. The salty ham and tangy swiss cheese, with the sweetness of the sweet potato (plus a hint of the onion) resulted in a delicious Salty Sweet Combo. I did use more milk than suggested and also used light margarine (instead of regular butter). I would definitely make this again as I am a huge fan of salty

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lil_ms_priss86_ December 03, 2013

I'm about to make this recipe for the second time, and just realized I never rated it! Though this is a different way to eat sweet potatoes, it' s now one of my favorites! The flavors are so bold and go really well together! The basil, especially, adds flavor. I'm excited to eat this tonight :)

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AustinsAm August 26, 2013
Cheesy Ham and Sweet Potato Casserole