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Oh My !!! Kitten you know I am a fan for your recipes...This one like all your others did not disappoint me. This was so creamy and flavorful and delicious. I had found these noodles called sagnarelli and I thought it was perfect for this dish. It was about 4 inches long and about 1 inch maybe wide with ruffled edges. I had cut the recipe in half since we were only 2 but I still had lots of leftovers which was great. I had switched the green peppers with red peppers cause my friend doesn't like green...and I had used my own marinara sauce that I had. For the top cheese that was added after I had used up a mixture of some cheese that I had left over, swiss, mozzarella, parmesan, and a blend of 6 cheeses. Just needed to use them all up and it added up to the perfect amount needed. I found this recipe simple enough to put together, I had prepared it all the night before and then brought it to work for our lunch the next day and cooked it there, just needed a little longer because it was refrigerated overnight. I was in love from the very first bite....so scrumptious ...We had happy tummies......Thanks again Kitten with another yummy recipe to share..

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FrenchBunny May 16, 2011

I made this the other day and it turned out ok I guess but, I kept getting lost on the steps being there were so many. I still don't know where I was surpose to add the sour cream. I ended up adding it into the mixture with the spinach.??? And it took me a good half of day to shop and prep for this. Sorry I will NOT be making this one again..... To much time, money and trouble..... Thanks for sharing anyway.....

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Dizzylady01 November 12, 2006

Excellent taste, easy to put together. Rich and comforting and everyone enjoyed it. Even better the next day if you are lucky enough to have any left-overs. I didn't put any Monterey Jack on the top of the casserole but I will next time. Can never have too much cheesy goodness.

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Pinkytz August 13, 2006

Another awesome recipe from Kittencal...my boyfriend and I loved this cassarole, we will definitely be making this one again!

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Peppermint Shannon June 16, 2006
Cheesy Ground Beef-Spinach Sour Cream Noodle Casserole