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I followed this recipe for the ingredients; used 4 cups of flour. It still needed additional water to have the correct consistency in the bread machine on the dough cycle. It needed more time to rise. It needed more time to bake. It turned out after baking it for an extra 5 minutes past the maximum stated time a barely discernable brown color, however the cheese was golden and browned, the bread was chewy and somewhat bitter in flavor. I think I will, afterall, stick with my usual Italian bread recipe that I will make garlic spread to butter it with afterward. Were I to make this bread again, I would leave out the herbs; they add a flavor that throws off the cheesy garlic flavor, I'd add a couple Tablespoons of honey, and add a Tablespoon of softened butter (so it would have olive oil and butter in equal amounts to make it a bit tenderer) Do be sure to stretch the dough without kneading. And finally, to get the bread to brown more beautifully, brush milk over it just before baking.

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Debi G. April 05, 2016
Cheesy Garlic Italian Bread