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I divided this in thirds to make. The first casserole I made as directed using 5 slices bacon, 4 eggs 1/3 cup cream, 2/3 cup swiss and about 1/8 cup parm cheese in a 8x8 pan, and served it over english muffins, DS and DD#1 loved it and both thought it did resemble eggs benedict. It is very rich and filling. I am not a lover of eggs with yolks I can see, (I know Im wierd) so I made another 8x8 casserole with 5 slices bacon, 2/3 cup swiss, 4 eggs, slightly beaten, 1/3 cup cream over the top and the parm. This was good and rich also. DS liked them both. I would like to try it with a thin canadian bacon or ham. Wither way this is a great casserole and very quick to put together. This smaller casseroles did not take the full 10 minutes at 425, more like 8 minutes. Thanks Kitten!

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LAURIE August 07, 2006
Cheesy Baked Egg and Bacon Benedict