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very good indeed. Being a cheesecake guru, I can say this is a wonderful cheesecake. I did not use any toppings, and I would just omit the crust altogether next time, although it was unique to cheesecake recipes and a good crust.

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2Bleu November 12, 2007

Oh. My. Goodness! What a delicious cheesecake!! The "only" part of the recipe that gave me fits was baking the crust in two parts---I pre-read the recipe, but for some reason I didn't catch that part until AFTER I'd already popped it in the oven....so I pulled it out, but it was too late (the butter was already melting). Even to make this again, I probably wouldn't do the two-part thing, just because mine turned out so well without doing it this time, too! Served this to guests for Easter dessert---and the part they commented on WAS the crust!!---that it was a NICE change from the usual graham cracker crumb crust!!! We rated it as 5-stars for that alone! Well, and the cheesecake part too, :-) I didn't make the pineapple glaze as listed, but just tossed some fresh pineapple chunks into the blender (coarse grind--to maintain integrity) and spooned that over the cake. Yummy! A very nice balance with the sweetness of the cheesecake. KEEPER!!!

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Debber April 09, 2007
Cheesecake Supreme