Cheesecake for Breakfast (Omelette)

Total Time
Prep 5 mins
Cook 8 mins

A sweet breakfast treat.

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  1. In bowl mix eggs with sour cream and 1 tbsp sugar. Whisk for five minutes or use electric mixer on low for two minutes.
  2. Melt butter in a heavy 8-inch Teflon coated fry pan over lowest heat setting and add egg mixture.
  3. While eggs are cooking place cream cheese in bowl and warm in microwave for 45 seconds. check for warmth, must be warm but not hot. Microwaves vary, after 1st time segment if additional heating is needed use 15 second bursts.
  4. Add vanilla and rest of sugar to cream cheese and stir until well combined.
  5. Flip omelette by sliding onto plate, cover top with fry pan and invert, replace on heat until firm (about 30 seconds should do it).
  6. Top omelette with cream cheese mixture and then place fruit topping on top of cream cheese.
  7. Finish with whipped cream.
  8. Serve with your favorite toast buttered and topped with cinnamon sugar.
Most Helpful

WONDERFUL! I made half the recipe and used fat-free sour cream and cream cheese to lighten it up. I topped it with Polaner strawberry allfruit and it was delicious.Thanks for sharing Mark! Made and enjoyed for PAC Spring '09.

ElaineAnn April 04, 2009

This was sweet and delicious and just took minutes to prepare. The sugar fiends (the kids) did find it a bit too sweet though with the fruit preserves. Next time I'd just use fresh fruit or leave out the preserves entirely. By the way, I never turned over the eggs, I just melted the cream cheese mixture on top of the eggs after it had set and then flipped it halfway over the cheese mixture; it worked out well that way.

scancan October 01, 2007

WOW! This is a 10-star recipe at least! We had this for a light supper on hot evening and it was fantastic -- absolutely heavenly. I served it with fresh sugared strawberries. Will try with preserves when there is no fresh fruit around. Wasn't sure if it was to be served flat or folded over, but since I associated omelets with folds, I folded it over then spooned fruit on top. I can't rave enough about this recipe!

Lorraine of AZ May 21, 2006