Cheesecake for Breakfast

Total Time
Prep 1 min
Cook 0 mins

Something too simple that simply tastes great! I got my employees hooked on it. I heard of plain greek yogurt with honey but this ibetter. I think it tastes like cheesecake and it's only 180 calories!


  1. Take top off of yogurt.
  2. squeeze or spoon honey on top of Yogurt cup.
  3. Swirl honey into yogurt with a spoon.
  4. enjoy!
Most Helpful

Great treat! I follower the directons exactly and used my favorite honey - "Cucuzza Blosom Honey". I enjoyed this and will probably make it again.

Kim D. April 10, 2010

Such a delicious simple treat! I agree that fresh fruit would be great in this too. This made a great afternoon snack, thanks :) Made this for Spring PAC 2009.

Midwest Maven March 28, 2009

Silky smooth, thick and rich. So easy for a guilt free treat! A nice way to start your day. Fresh blueberries would be fabulous on this. So many possibilities! Thanks sis! ;)

Rita~ March 23, 2009