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This cake tasted almost identical to cheesecake factory's version. It's not as deep as theirs, but thats actually a good thing considering that my spring form pan was only deep enough for this recipe anyway. My only complaint is that a partial step was missing for the mousse layer. They forgot to tell you to mix the crushed oreos into the mousse at the end, but i think most people could figure that out anyway. My advice: i was worried that i was going to run out of room in the pan when i got to the mousse layer, so i didnt use as much as they said, but it turns out that the ganash layer is pretty thin. So you have plenty of room for the 1/2 inch of mousse. Oh, and pace yourself when you eat this bad boy... It's very rich. Everyone at my party raved about it!

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misselissalk February 06, 2013

Recipe is not complete on the gelatin layer needs to be updated and the gelatin does not say how to make on the back

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Liljon88 September 28, 2012
Cheesecake Factory's Oreo Dream Extreme Cheesecake