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This recipe does a very good job recreating one of my favorite recipes.

The only problems I've found are:
1) How much parmesan do you use? It is mentioned in steps 1 and 4. I used 2 teaspoons for each step and it seemed fine.

2) Where and how is the shallot used? I diced mined and added the whole thing to step 4.

3) Watch how much oil you use for step one. I put about 3/8" into the bottom of a 12" saute pan, and that proved to be too much. 1/4" would have been much better.

4) After pulling the shrimp out of the oil, roll them on a paper towel and then layer them on wax paper in a bowl on the range top. I used both of the left burners, and put my bowl of shrimp in the middle of the rangetop and the heat form the other burners kept the shrimp at eating temp. This keeps them from sticking to the PT, and should allow you to add them later in step 4 so that they get some of the sauce, but don't lose that Cheesecake Factory crispiness.

After making this a dozen times (this and Jakes Etouffee are my favorite recipes) I've posted a few improvements. The recipe doesn't call for it but add the shallot with the tomato and Parmesan to the sauce. More importantly, I doubled the amount of dry ingredients for covering the shrimp. As you toss them in the flour mixture and set them aside they become damp looking again. When you finish coating them, toss them a second time. This results in very nicely crispy shrimp and helps retain the Parmesan and pepper flavors in the batter.

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Burned BoS September 15, 2011

5 stars delicious. Shallots are hard to find around here, so I just use onions. I use sherry instead of regular white wine; I think the flavor of the sherry really pulls the recipe together. I've made this recipe at least five times now and my wife keeps on begging me to make it practically daily. She says as long as I keep making this recipe, she could never leave me.

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Tabasco Saucy March 04, 2009

I second doubling the amount of dry ingredients. Here are my other improvements: fry the shrimp in sunflower oil (not much) and add olive oil after the shrimp is removed from pan and there is almost no more grease on the pan. Put the shrimp in a preheated oven, best if you have grilling function, on minimum heat. <br/><br/>I add the tomatoes and the scallion with the garlic, therefore the flavors mix better. After adding the cream and bring to a boil, I add the grana padano (doubled quantity as well) and the basilicum. <br/><br/>My hubby, daughter and my pick eater son loved it.

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TatiBitate January 10, 2014

This is very rich and delicious! I've never had this dish at the Cheesecake Factory, so I have no comparison, but I consider this a very good dish (not one if you are watching your waistline, however!). The shrimp I bought were not big enough to butterfly, but that's OK. I used 1 lb. of shrimp and cut all the other ingredients (except the salt) in half. This was just right to serve 4 people.

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Delicious as it Looks July 03, 2013

Delicious! Recently went to Miami and really enjoyed this at CF. Was so surprised when this recipe came out tasting very much like it. I made a few minor changes. I replaced the white wine with vegtetable stock and added fresh mushrooms to the sauce as well as some parsley and thyme.. this one is definately a keeper!

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Aminah.S February 24, 2011

I made a few modifications to the recipe, including more specifics for when to use the shallot/onion, the amount of pasta to cook, as well as the amount of oil, basil and parmesan cheese to use. I also suggest using a roma tomato and I switched some of the directions around to accommodate the additions. check out the results with picture here - http://bit.ly/BVP5j

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karalee June 23, 2009

Very disappointing. Not close to the cf recipe.

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maemae22262 June 06, 2009

Was looking for the Cheesecake Factory Recipe and found this one. AWESOME! Flavor was outstanding and taste just like (husband said it was even better than) the CF Scampi!

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Kim from Texas December 11, 2008

Awesome recipe!!! The only thing I added was salt upon completion. My entire family enjoyed it. My husband was impressed, my daughter who's 14 enjoyed helping with the prep and my 10 year old son who doesn't eat pasta sauce of anykind loved this!

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Amy S. December 30, 2014

I was more concerned with taste than accuracy to the CCF, but I actually found it had both. Burned BoS's advice is good, particularly about too much oil.

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StevenBliss November 17, 2013
Cheesecake Factory Shrimp Scampi