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Different storkes, I guess. This just wasn't much of a hit. The cheesecake just didn't taste "right" to us, for some reason. The "baklava" part was great, though, and the directions, are easy to follow because they are so detailed. My family recipe for baklava uses orange blossom water or rose water instead of brandy, so that was the only substitution that I made.

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Lightly Toasted November 14, 2006

I made this for the Zaar World Tour II. This was an outstanding recipe. It takes a lot of time and some work but it is well worth it. I do say make sure that you keep an eye on the topping that you are baking, mine got a little 'crisp' and dark. I am very happy with the way it turned out otherwise. I am going to have to make this again sometime!! This is a definate keeper!! KUDOS!!!

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Creation in Hope July 22, 2006

this is soo good! my hubby doesn't eat desserts and he loved this!! the cinnamon is a nice touch, not too sweet and the phyllo makes a wonderful crust! i hope i did it right, was i supposed to wrap it? oh well, it tasted good with what i did with it!! very nice dessert!

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Jessica K June 05, 2006

I just have to say "I love this dessert". It was so good. I did have to refer back and forth to the directions and look at some of the other reviews to answer some questions but it came out wonderful. I also do not like to work with phyllo but it was well worth the time. I believe I will take it to my craft club next week.

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Kaccy G. February 15, 2006

This recipe was a hit at the Greek luncheon I just hosted. I had one woman say "ohh" and "ahh" after every bite. This recipe was not hard at all to make with the exception of working with the phyllo dough, but I always find phyllo a pain to work with. Note, not all pre-made phyllo doughs make a perfect square when folded in half. When I folded mine in half, it made a rectangle that did not cover the whole spring form pan. I kind of made a patch-work quilt of phyllo dough for the crust and it still turned out great. One more thing that I didn't quite understand was cutting the baked baklava a second time. I wasn't sure if I was supposed to cut all the way through the cake, or just separate the baked baklava with the spatula? I cut through the whole cake and then spread the syrup on. Seemed to work out fine. One more note, be sure to cut into 16 pieces. I almost cut it into just 8, at last minute; I decided to cut into 16. So glad I did, otherwise the servings would have been too huge. It is too rich to eat a lot at once. Thank you for an outstanding recipe! Definitely a masterpiece!

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wildeyeris September 15, 2005

This was a group effort by myself, Gay, and Troy. I've never had cheesecake and baklava together, and the idea was interesting. Don't miss Evelyn's note about starting this recipe 2 days in advance. There was some minor confusion over cinnamon and sugar amounts that conflicted with the directions, and I've asked Evelyn to clarify the amounts. I was a little confused about pre-cutting the baklava in wedges before placing it on the cheesecake, but it became obvious that this step is a must, or you'll have a difficult time cutting later. A very sinful dessert that I enjoyed. I like the combination, and would like to try cutting the cheesecake amount in half so I feel a little less guilty indulging. :-) Thanks for a wonderful dessert.

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Kathy :-( March 23, 2005
Cheesecake Baklava