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Several years ago, when my son was playing Little League, one Mom brought these for snacks. She had them in little baggies along with canned shoestring potatoes. Proportionately they looked just like french fries. Too Cute!

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JT'sMom June 01, 2006

All Hail Parrot Head Mama! Thanks for a great recipe. Theses were a great dessert for a BBQ attended by single "kids" in their 20s-30s :). Tips from others helped: I actually made hamburgers, not cheeseburgers, in an effort to omit additional sugar. Using water rather than egg whites also worked well for me - made the top cookie softer and bun-like. I used Keebler's Fudge Shoppe Grasshopper cookies, which were bigger than the "bun", but still just fine.

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jesst April 05, 2007

My friend Janine had this recipe and we made these for my son's B'day years ago. They were fantastic. I had cupcakes too but hardly remember them. This had the whole school talking. The secretaries from the office came up to see them. Just to note, we only wet the top of the cookies with water and pressed on some sesame seeds for the top bun. It worked fine. These are so cute!

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Oolala November 21, 2006

I made these years ago for my granddaughters kindergarten class. I used mint patties, red and yellow fruit roll ups for the tomato and cheese and vanilla icing for the Mayo as well as the green tinted coconut for lettuce. they are very cute

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warsing April 06, 2006

I can't believe I forgot to rate this recipe. These cookies are adorable. I doubled the recipe to make with some of my clients at work as a food craft project. They had a blast making these burgers. There are so cute and so little but easy for those with clumsy hands to assemble. I personally, thought they were a little too sweet, but we shared them out at snack time and everyone else loved them. 5 star for making my beloved handicapped clients so happy.

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Karen From Colorado January 21, 2006

i made these cute cookies for a baby shower and used York peppermint patties instead of the Girl Scout cookies and everyone loved them!!!

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mandabears October 22, 2005

Updated Review I forgot to include quite a few comments in my original review. You can color the icing to any color you like. I went with yellow for the top of the "burger" thinking it could be either yellow mustard or yellow cheese. I made the icing on the lower half more of a pale orange, with the thought it could be McDonald's special sauce or again, another type of cheese. I only applied the icing around the edges or the burger or bun. I used quite a bit of green food coloring with the coconut because I wanted a very intense green lettuce. I saved an old yogurt container, put the coconut and food coloring in it and shook the container until it was evenly coated — less messy and I just threw out the container when I was done since is was a lovely green color inside. I skipped the egg white and used corn syrup on the top of the wafer. I'm not sure which is better, but I didn't have any eggs available that day. July 12, 2005 Review: Adorable cookies. These were a BIG hit at a July 4th picnic. I sampled one cookie, and it's not to my taste, but adults are not who these cookies are for! They are wonderful cookies for kids. None of the kids at the picnic could wait for dessert to grab one of these gems. Several adults requested the recipe for their own kids -- one Mom even hid one to take home to her college-age daughter. Thanks again for a fun kids treat!

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Kathy :-( October 20, 2005

I did this recipe but instead of mint cookie, I used thin mints - easily assembled and yummy

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whebeck December 18, 2012

I got a blast from the past when I spotted this recipe, as my brother and I made these several times together when we were very little. Thanks for posting - I am really looking forward to making these with my son when he gets a little older, and had forgotten exactly what was in them!

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Wildflower5656 December 31, 2007

I gave these 5 stars. My 4 yr old newphews teacher made these for his teddy bear graduation. She called them teddy bear hamburgers. I loved them they were so cute. All the kids loved them and gobbled them down. Thanks for posting a great recipe. Christine (internetnut)

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internetnut December 16, 2007
Cheeseburger in Paradise Cookies