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OMG...these are incredible!! So cheesy and with a nice little kick from the cayenne. I'll say that they're dangerous, 'cause I'm trying to lose weight, and they're so addictive I can't stay out of them. My recommendation, once the dough is mixed, is to use your clean hands to incorporate the cereal into the rest of the mix. That worked well for me. Yummmmm!!!

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ReeLani April 08, 2003

Absolutely delicious. I had one problem -- my husband got up to snack on them in the middle of the night and and left the lid of the tupperware ajar which allowed them to get stale. Unfortunately, this took the crunch out of the rice krispies. I would definitely recommend air tight storage or freezing them. However, the flavor was delicious. I used a very strong cheese (easy to get in Britain) and the amount of cayenne give in the recipe. A very more-ish snack!

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SolightlyUK January 13, 2004

These were very tasty and easy to make! I did take ReeLani's suggestion and used my hands to mix the rice in the cheese mixture. I was also too lazy to grate the cheese myself, so, I just ran shredded cheese through the food processor and it worked great! Lastly, I didn't have cayenne pepper, so, I added a tsp of red pepper instead! Thanks for posting a great recipe, Junebug!

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~cbw~ October 15, 2003

I just made a batch this weekend. My mother baked these quite often and called them "cheesies". These are great for individuals who are watching their sugar intake and want a snack. I normally roll these into a log and store in the refrigerator for easier slicing. I have found that they are easy to burn and are not good after becoming too brown. They need to be watched carefully. A cheese lover's cookie for sure!!

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Seasoned Cook October 08, 2007

These are SOOOOOO good!! I got lazy and did almost everything in the food processor - I whirled the flour, salt and cayenne together, processed the butter in until it consolidated into a dough, and pulsed the cheese in just enough to blend. The rice krispies I kneaded in by hand. The dough held together beautifully (just like a pie crust) and was very easy to shape. The cayenne really give these a nice bite. Awesome recipe!!

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Chilicat August 21, 2007

I was really excited to make this but it didn't turn out too well. They were so crumbly that they just fall into pieces when you pick them up. I even squeezed the mix in the palm of my hand, like a meatball, then flattened it out a little...it still wouldn't stick together! Even though they didn't look pretty, they taste excellent! I will try it again using less flour and more cheese and see if that will make it stick together. If it turns out, I will re-review it. Thanks!

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Grace Lynn April 16, 2004
Cheese Wafers