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What s cute (and delicious) idea! I made this as written with patty pan squashes that were a bit larger than 3" round. When I cut the tops off, I scraped the seeds out, but saved the flesh parts. I then chopped the flesh and added it to the sauteing celery and onion. These little squashes make a pretty presentation and are yummy! This would make a cute side dish for company. Thanx for posting this!

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*Parsley* September 05, 2008

This is my first but not the last time making baby squash. This is a wonderful recipe, they came out beautiful and delicious. I only added sage and thyme. Perfect! Thank You!

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Sharmomma July 17, 2013

I had an assortment of baby squashes to use up, one of them a pattypan. The directions worked with all the different shapes, and the look on the serving platter was nice. I cut back on the butter and subbed in some olive oil. I used my own dry bread bits and herb clippings from the garden instead of the herb stuffing mix. spring onions from the garden, tops and all. I used an aged extra sharp cheddar. These are very cheesy, in a good way. I will definately be making these again, the recipe was easy to follow, the taste was good, and they were cute little guys. Thanks for finding and sharing this recipe!

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Chef Edlear August 06, 2009
Cheese-Stuffed Pattypans