Total Time
Prep 15 mins
Cook 5 mins

Ingredients Nutrition


  1. Blend all ingredients, thoroughly.
  2. Roll thin and cut in narrow stips about 4" long.
  3. Bake on cookie sheet at 475 until crisp.


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i agree with jessica about the directions,and mixing it by hand.the flavor is wonderful and i like the crispness of i give ya 4 stars.

smokey_cook November 30, 2003

Bev, these were wonderful! Hubby, whom is a huge "Cheese-Nips" fan thought these were the best thing he's ever had! However, in keeping with the new "don't review unless it's completely honest" policy, I rated this 4 stars simply because they weren't the usual "crumbly cracker type" that I expected from cheese straws that I'd eaten before. And since this is my very first try at making them, I found the directions were sort of vague. I don't have a food processor which would probably be the easiest way to mix these ingredients, so I did it by hand. I actually threw everything in the bowl, mixed it as good as I could with my hands, then took it out of the bowl and kneaded it about 4-5 times to be sure all ingredients were evenly distributed. I think the heat from my hands actually helped the ingredients blend better than they would have if I'd used a wooden spoon. I then made 2 pans of them, cutting one into very narrow strips, and baked for about 5 minutes until golden brown. Came out somewhat crispy. Second pan, I had cut them into squares, sort of like shortbread, baked for about 10 minutes until just slightly past golden brown. These were hubby's favorites. They were crisp on the outside, and sort of chewy/cheesy on the inside. We liked the squares much better. We also LOVED having the baking powder in these, as it made them puff up a bit instead of just having flat hard crackers. Flavor was FANTASTIC, sort of like cheese that has bubbled out into the pan when making grilled cheese sandwiches! and I sprinkled a bit of salt on top before baking. Really delicious Bev! Thank you!

-JL- June 22, 2003

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