Cheese Soup - Caldo De Queso

Recipe by Bubz McGee

This is the first recipe I post... I hope you enjoy this soup as much as my husband does. I'm from Sonora Mexico, (where this soup is famous) and my nana gave this recipe to my mom and my mom to me. ;) Of course the cheese is important and the best is the "queso regional" but you can substitute it by queso fresco and it works for me... :) as long as you don't use a cheese that melts in strings in the soup...;) for the potatoes I like the California potatoes, or any white potato that is more crunchy... you know how some potatoes are more creamy... pick the crunchy ones. When you buy the queso fresco check the taste, some of them are salty so have in mind that if the cheese you bought is salty you may want to add less salt to the soup. I like the potatoes crunchy, thats why I don't let them boil or cook for long time, so do the potatoes the way you like them -- and the chile tepin is a dry round pea size chili very hot that you can buy in a mexican store, I crush one or two in a paper napkin and add it to the soup, but that is optional. (make sure you don't use that napkin to clean your mouth -- or else -- ).

Top Review by Mary Ann T.

This is an excellent recipe and similar to the wonderful version I had at Poca Casa in Tucson. A question: the recipe says prefer queso "regional"; exactly what does this mean? What should I be looking for other than the queso fresco? Thank you.

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  1. Toast the flour (no oil, no grease, just add the flour to a medium hot pan and move it until the flour color goes from white to golden or light brown) take the flour out of the pan and clean the pan with a napkin,
  2. Add oil to the pan and when the oil is hot add the potatoes to brown them, (the potatoes in pieces 1inch aprox) add some salt. You don't want the potatoes fully cooked because you are going to add them to the soup later, but you want them sealed.
  3. Take the potatoes out, then add to the same pan the garlic and the onion finely chopped, for like 2-3 minutes and add there the anaheim green peppers (if you have a gas stove you can take the peel out of the chilis if you don't nevermind) the green peppers should be finely chopped also, and mix them with the onion and garlic.
  4. At the end add the tomato finely chopped also, and mix it with the onion, garlic and green chiles.
  5. Add the toasted flour and mix.
  6. Add the boiling water and the chicken bouillon, salt, pepper.
  7. Add the potatoes and the milk, and as soon as it boils, add the cheese pieces (1 in approx) let it boil for like a minute and turn it off. (Because the cheese falls to the bottom of the soup pan and it is hard to fish for it ;) I add it to each plate at the end but thats up to you).

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