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I used mini Babybel cheddar cheese for this... they are expensive, but I didn't need that many. They are already almost round... I let them sit on the counter for about 20 minutes and then kneaded them in my hands until they were malleable enough to roll into balls. I didn't feel like buying a whole bag of pretzels since we don't eat them, so I cut up some almonds we had laying around and used those for stems.

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SashasMommy November 24, 2010

I actually have the betty Crocker book where this recipe was printed. These are the cutest things! I'm not a fan of cheese but I served these at my party and my guests were impressed. I had fun making them, I served them with crackers.

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Kitty Kat Cook October 30, 2007

Very cute! I used sharp cheddar and diced cashews, as I had the cashews on hand. The cheese I picked up was very hard to work with (very sticky- couldn't roll with my hand or on a cutting board and even when I tried scooping with a teaspoon, it stuck to the inside of the teaspoon and had to be pried out with a toothpick), so next time I will try a different brand. Yummy nonetheless! Thanks for posting.

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Starrynews November 24, 2008
Cheese Pumpkins