Total Time
Prep 10 mins
Cook 15 mins

These simple appetizers can be kept frozen for months and baked when needed.


  1. Soften cheese and work all ingredients together with hands, and roll into balls the size of marbles.
  2. Bake at 350 for 15 minutes.
  3. Makes 6 dozen.
  4. Note: These can be frozen for months.
  5. To freeze: place on cookie sheet, freeze then store in plastic bag.
  6. Bake when needed.
Most Helpful

Yum, yum, I am so impressed with this very quick and easy recipe, especially since I accidentally cut the butter in half! (For some strange reason I was thinking one stick was one cup, not half) I made these about the size of meatballs and they turned out delicious and gooey cheesy in the center. Thanks!

God's_sugarcookie April 14, 2007

These are delicious! I was going to make a recipe I usually use but couldn't find it. After searching for hours and finding all kinds of complicated recipes (too much work) I found this recipe. It looked too simple to be very good but I went ahead with it anyway.I used a 4 cheese blend. No paprika because we don't like it. My marbles must be larger than yours because I got 3 1/2 dozen, not 6 dozen. Otherwise followed the directions and in 15 minutes have a very tasty appetizer. They aren't exactly puffs, more like flats, but scrumptious. Just what I needed for tomorrows gathering.

giftedmama July 03, 2011

Yummy! like cheese cookies :) I made a full batch, baked 1 dozen (to try them out), and froze the rest for baking fresh for lunchboxes. Thanks for a snack my cheese loving DD will adore.

CraftScout August 28, 2007