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Thank you for posting my recipe here. I was tired of the egg based recipes and I needed something similar to the van hardens pizza recipe, so I made up the recipe. I have made this many times and it tastes wonderful. You can hold it like a piece of pizza, and you dont have the eggy taste like you get with other lowcarb pizza recipes.

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phils_wifey April 15, 2013

While not a success as a pizza crust it extremely yummy. I picked this recipe because there is a place here in town that does fried cheese till it is crispy which is very yummy so thought this might work but sadly it did not. I made as written cutting the recipe in half and not using pizza sauce as I was afraid it would be soggy and am not found of the sauce anyway. After the first baking and before freezing the cheese was melted and lightly crispy but after freezing and the second baking we just had melted cheese, all crispiness was gone. Like I said it tasted good but was in no way a pizza crust. Thanks for the post.

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Debbwl March 31, 2012
Cheese Only Crust Pizza (Low Carb)