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This dessert is AWESOME! I'm dipping my toes into the raw food movement, and I like to try new things. The best part is when you find something that tastes great. I changed a few things just because of what I had on hand. For the base layer, I mixed soaked raw sunflower seeds (2-hr soak) and a small amount of walnuts (unsoaked). I used dried figs (soaked in a sealed container for 2 hrs) instead of dates. I also substituted creamed coconut (2 T melted in 1/4 C of warm water) instead of coconut oil. I followed the rest of recipe as stated. I will definitely do this one again - maybe add cocoa powder for a chocolate version.

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SuzyQ in Oshawa February 04, 2012

thankyou for a keeper of a recipe! it tastes like a real cheesecake - especially thanks to the yummy strawberry topping! my filling turned out very flavoursome - i added about quarter of an avocado in there to add to the smoothness, and am thinking next time i might add even more, and have less cashews to lessen calories. i think the recipe would work just as fine with less lemon juice too, as i found myself adding more honey to balance out the sourness. i made little ramekins of cheesecake which im finding are great little desserts on the fly!

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lightawake June 01, 2011

This cake was incredibly GOOD! I just started my new raw diet, and this was amazingly satisfying and sweet. It tasted SO MUCH like that cake I used to love, but I have a feeling that I will be eating a LOT more cheescake now that I found a HEALTHY recipe for it. The cake froze well (only after an hour did I take it out to enjoy) and the texture was delicous. I had made only half the recipe (in case it turned out a falure) but it still came out with plenty. (But who ever complained "too much cheesecake"!?!? The strawberry sauce-when I tasted that I was completely fooled. This is the best cheesecake recipe of all the cooked, frozen, tofu, and raw ones I have had!

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Lil'Sunshine March 26, 2010
Cheese(Less) Cake (Raw Foods)