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I really didn't care much for this recipe. The swiss cheese added an over sharp almost bitter flavor. And the addition of thyme was really out of place. Overall, I give this one a pass.

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suncalc January 29, 2011

I've made this loaf twice now, and I'll admit the first time I followed the directions exactly and had some problems with it. That's why I'm only giving it 3 stars. The dough was very thick and heavy, almost unmixable. It didn't rise well, and the outside was hard, to the point where it was diffucult to slice. I made it again with a few changes. I added extra baking powder (a heaping tbs. rather than a level tbs.) I also added more beer, maybe an additional 1/4 cup, although I didn't measure it. I added until the dough was comparable to dumpling dough, was easy to mix and spread in the pan. I subbed chives for the oregano, just my personal preference, and next time I might try dill weed, which I think would taste great with the beer flavor. I baked it at 350F for 55 minutes. The loaf rose beautifully, and the crust was crisp but not hard. The texture was moist and fluffy inside. My husband loved it. I think 375F might be too hot to bake for such a long time, just my opinion. I have half the loaf left, and I'm planning to serve it tonight with our St. Pat's Day corned beef and cabbage. I'm submitting a photo. It's not a good as yours, but I was happy with the way the loaf looked.

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papergoddess March 18, 2007
Cheese Herb Beer Bread