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This is a great basic fondue recipe! A couple tips: instead of mixing the cornstarch in the kirsch, put it in a large plastic bag or tupperware container with the cheese and shake. This makes the melting of the cheese much less likely to ball up. If the melting cheese just isn't getting smooth, try adding a touch of lemon juice--the acid cuts the proteins and prevents balling (if this happens, next time use a drier, more acidic wine). Blanched veggies, such as cauliflower or carrots, are also good as dippers.

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Captain Apollo May 13, 2005

this is the original fondue i remember from the 70's- i did add some tidbits of leftover gouda and herbed cheddar, excellent

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chia January 04, 2003

We LOVED this recipe! I did mix the cornstarch with the shredded cheese per other reviews and didn't have Kirsch, so I used Brandy. I will be using this recipe for our Christmas Eve Cheese Fondue going forward. Thank you!

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Kelly-Mom2Girls December 24, 2011

great social dinner. this was my first ever attempt at fondue, had a couple of (good) friends round and it turned out pretty well. 4 people (2 boys who eat heaps and 2 girls who dont eat much) finished off the whole bowl. followed recipe exactly except as per captain apollo's instructions about adding cornflour to cheese not kirsch. Taste was great, quite strong, but apparently very true to what french fondue tastes like. Texture was a little off - too runny. Only thing i could think of was that i measured the cheeses using 2 cups of grated cheese for each. Next time i would significantly decrease amount of wine or increase amount of cheese/cornflour. We served it with: french bread stick cubed, raw mushroom, raw red pepper, raw baby tomatoes, lightly steamed broccoli, cauliflower and baby carrot stirfried chicken pieces and stirfried spicy choritzo sausage pieces. Managed to finish off all the dipping pieces, favourites were bread, the sausage, chicken, mushrooms, broccoli, but everything went well. Rating - i asked the guests to rate the meal, they said 3.5 stars. They can be quite harsh raters thou so im rounding up to 4 stars - presuming that if i get the texture right it would be 4 stars. Thanks for this recipe Mimi - it was a really fun dinner

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Meris September 02, 2008

I threw a fondue party for my sister's 30th birthday and this recipe was a huge success! We used french bread, fuji apples, and carrots and celery as dippers. Everyone loved the sides and said how good the cheese was. I would warn you, though, that if you add the cheese too soon to the wine, it will clump up a little. Wait for the wine to simmer! And to prevent clumping, put a little flour in with the cheese. It keeps the temp change from clumping the cheese. Enjoy!

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moor0559 May 07, 2008

This was as good as the Melting Pot's, if not better. I made just a few changes. I cooked it right in the fondue pot. Rather then rubbing the garlic in the pan I added minced garlic to the melted cheese. I also sprinkled the corn starch over the cheese before mixing it in. We dipped baugette, apples, carrots, broccoli, cauliflower. Delicous!

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It's Good to be Queen! February 16, 2008

I am reviewing this as a person who has had the priviledge of being served this wonderful recipe by the chef. I never had fondue until Mimi's party. While I can vouch for the delicious taste, which deserves the highest rating, I admit, I have not yet made this myself. I plan to next weekend, and will update my review after such time. I will be craving this until then.

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lisa4318 April 24, 2003

Great Recipe!! We did not add kirsch but did also add a bid of smoked cheese. Yummy!!!!! Thanks much!!

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KeleKooks August 20, 2008

We enjoyed this meal very much. A fabulous, get the family together around the table, fun meal. Very important to use the garlic as stated. We served with very lightly steamed broccoli, raw mushrooms, radishes, baby corn, red pepper, asparagus, carrot and bread. Love the tip from Captain Apollo about adding the cornflour (cornstarch) to the cheese. Also instead of Kirsch I used a brandy with a tiny spoonful of stone fruit jam.

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Jewelies June 08, 2008

This fondue recipe was very easy to make and delicious!! The kids and DH really enjoyed it. I served it with apples and a baguette... yummy. Thanks Mimi.

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CardaMom September 09, 2003
Cheese Fondue