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Fabulous!! Good, traditional cheese enchiladas like I ate growing up. Lots of restaurants in San Antonio served cheese enchiladas during Lent (no meat), which may be why I woke up this morning craving them. This dish is exactly the type of thing you'll get at a Mexican restaurant where all of the locals go, not one of those trendy expensive places that tries to add lettuce and other fixings to enchiladas. Simple recipe to fix. The chili gravy is chili powder based, not tomato based. Good chili powder (I use Penzey's) makes this sauce wonderfully rich and slightly spicy. I made the sauce early in the day and let the flavors meld before assembling for dinner. Only changes I made were to use lowfat Velveeta, lowfat mild cheddar on top, and 2-3 T oil for frying the tortillas which was plenty. I also sprinkled some onions on top before baking, which is just how I like them. Serve with some refrieds and Mexican rice, and, if you want to go all out, a small plate of shredded lettuce topped with a big glob of guacamole, and it's enchilada heaven. Thanks for sharing the recipe!

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LonghornMama February 25, 2007

OMG!!!! These are AMAZING!!!! We are from Houston and since hubby is in the ARMY we are stuck in El Paso. They have the nastiest mexican food here!!!! So since hubby and I both LUV Mexican food I got on here to find a good recipe for cheese enchiladas. Needless to say I have this recipe memorized because my husband requests it so often. Also, I changed the cheese filling to velveeta and colby jack. This gives it nice flavor. Thank you for this awesome recipe. It saved my taste buds!!!! (I have a tendancy to crave cheese enchiladas)

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Xotic Anjel June 18, 2007

The sauce on these was really good. I started with corn tortillas and fried them as directed, but instead of getting soft, they became hard. Luckily, I had flour tortillas on hand, so I threw out the corn and used flour. They turned out great.

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Jazz Lover December 04, 2013

This recipe was so great!! Not only was it easy but it was so delicious!!! I used munster cheese that I found at a local ethic grocery store. When cooked it was very stringy and cheesy, YUM!!! This cheese though is a bit salty, so next time I am not going to add the salt listed in the chili gravy. I have tried a few cheese enchilada recipes and this one is the best!! Thank you so much for sharing! I saved this one in my cookbook and it is going to be my primary enchilada recipe!! So YUMMY!!! It tasted like I was eating enchiladas that from some fancy Mexican restaurant. LOVE IT!!!! If you haven't tried this recipe, I recommend you try this one over any others first!

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trosales_12960509 March 12, 2011

I just know this is the one recipe I have been looking for. I am not sure of the name of the restraunt, but as a child my parents would load us all up in the car and drive from SW Houston to Richmond where we ate at a Mexican restraunt there. I always ate the cheese enchiladas. I have been hunting for a chili gravy based recipe for years. BTW I judge all mexican restraunts by the cheese enchilades... even 50 years later. This one is going on my table for Thanksgiving and Christmas eve!

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tricia.mcgrew November 22, 2010
Cheese Enchiladas