Total Time
Prep 3 mins
Cook 5 mins

Super easy and tasty! USe your favorite hard cheese--cheddar, swiss, etc. I like a very sharp cheddar. With a teflon pan you can use your fork to loosen them and slide out of the pan--very easy cleanup. Thank you *Derf* for the photo. You made my recipe look even better than it tastes!


  1. Grate cheese and break eggs into a dish but don't stir them.
  2. Heat a small frypan on medium heat and melt butter; if possible use a pan that the eggs will just fit into, covering the entire pan. When butter bubbles nicely, pour in the eggs, smother with the cheese, sprinkle with chopped chives or green onions if desired, and cover the pan. Turn heat to lowest setting; if using an electric stove you can turn the heat off.
  3. Leave eggs covered for 5 minutes, making your toast while you wait. No peeking! Whites will be set and yolks runny.
Most Helpful

What a great way to make eggs! I have a gas stove that seems to cook things faster, so i covered them for 4 minutes and they came out perfectly. I used green onions and Mexican blend cheese for a great meal. Thanks firefly68 for a great keeper. Made for Fall PAC 2012.

lazyme November 01, 2012

These eggs came out perfect; the whites were just set and the yolks were just a bit runny. The chives on top really make this yummy. Thanks!

jnpj May 29, 2010

the chives make this recipe. i had to make this without them though when i made them for my partner as he is not a fan of herbs

youngmum September 03, 2009