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Well, unlike Marra, I made these full-fat and sugar, despite throwing my "Summer's coming" diet out the window in doing so. These are to die for! Yes, the blintzes take some practice if you haven't done it before, but fun to do - be VERY careful about the cheese leaking out, though. I had one that just barely seeped, and the cheese popped everywhere. And, it's HOT! Kind of like bacon-grease splattering, have a lid handy just in case. That said, these are absolutely divine, the filling is mild and smooth, and I did use the Grand Marnier in the blintzes. It added a very subtle flavor, but I could tell it was there. Rather than make the compote, I popped open a jar of Rhubarb, Strawberry, Raspberry Jam and warmed it up, it was the perfect complement to a tasty brunch. Thanks, Bird and Buddha!

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Gatorbek May 06, 2008

Made for "Make it Healthier" cooking game, i chose to make it all low fat ingredients as well as substitute splenda for the sugar. In the blintze's themselves, i subbed 1/2 cup egg substitute for the eggs and skim milk for the milk. For the filling, i used low fat ricotta cheese, and you can reduce the fat further by using all low fat ricotta For the compote i subbed splenda for the sugar, and used low rat sour cream. This reduced the sugar from a whopping 72 grams to 8 and the fat to 9% instead of 24% of the serving. It also tasted delicious even though i need to practice my blintz making skills in the frying pan :)

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MarraMamba January 03, 2008
Cheese Blintzes With Strawberry-Rhubarb Compote