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chefglen5 July 07, 2011

FOR THE CHEESE FILLING ONLY: My oh my... what a disaster! I don't know if the recipe stating to put the cottage cheese and cream cheese in a blender actually meant a BLENDER or in a mixer. I put mine in the blender as directed for a few minutes until smooth, and was left with what looked like soup. I mixed in the sugar, egg, and vanilla by hand and still had a purely LIQUID filling which I knew would not even come close to working in a rolled up crepe. As a desperate attempt to salvage it, I added half a container of ricotta and the rest of the bar of cream cheese to make it thicker. This did make it slightly thicker but not what I was expecting. So disappointed as I was making this just 2 hours before a Polish dinner party that I was supposed to bring it to. Don't know what went wrong... :(

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Dans La Lune January 13, 2010

I have my own crepe recipe, so I used only the filling recipe here... but what a hit. I've gotten more requests for this recipe and more requests from my family for another batch than I have for anything else I've made them. I'm do wish I didn't have to go through the extra step of baking them. In the end, it's not that big of a deal and I'll experiment to see if it's really necessary or if I can perhaps get the filling to solidify enough if I just add it to the pan with the finished crepe and fold. Phenomenal with cherry jam on top.

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LightEra February 03, 2009

This was really yummy! I only did half of the cheese filling and used 2 oz of cream cheese plus an egg yolk and that was plenty for the crepes. I used low fat ricotta and cream cheese to cut down on fat Then topped with strawberries. Thanks for the great breakfast, chia!

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SweetsLady January 13, 2008

These were so delicious and so easy to make. I especially loved it that the crepe batter and cheese filling could both be prepared ahead. It made having them ready for when we needed them such a breeze. I reduced the sugar to just 1 teaspoon of brown sugar in both the crepe and the filling as the quantity specified would probably have been too sweet for us and that amount was just right for our tastes. Otherwise I made these exactly to the recipe. Both the crepe and the filling had a lovely flavour and texture. We enjoyed these immensely with fresh raspberries and a generous dollop of Greek yoghurt. Thank you for sharing this wonderful recipe, chia. It was decades since I'd made blintzes but now that I've found your recipe, I'll be making them again, and experimenting with variations on the filling, sweet and savoury. I’m thinking making more of the crepes and adding the berries in with the cheese filling, and for savoury blintzes adding salmon, garlic and dill and, of course, omitting the vanilla!

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bluemoon downunder February 04, 2006
Cheese Blintzes