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Diane, you've saved my life! I don't drink milk and was never a fan of "white" sauces, so therefore never bothered to eat or to learn how to make biscuits and gravy. Well, one day i got a strange craving for them and attempted to make the gravy four times. (This was before i found the 'Zaar) I used sausage, bacon, broth... nothing i did came out right. By the fourth try i had given up and thrown it on the table, as is. My husband and son scarfed it down saying it was great. Puhleeze! I know they just didn't wanna see me cry. I couldn't even go near it! And then one day, while searching for something totally unrelated i came across your recipe. I took it camping with us and everyone we potlucked breakfast with loved it. I've made it at least every other weekend, if not more, ever since. It's easy and so delicious! And, i'd even venture to say "foolproof"! I like to make it with the Sage flavored Jimmy Dean sausage, and i've found that using all milk (just slightly less of it) works fine, if you accidentally don't realize you have no cream on hand before you get started. LOL Thank you for a great recipe!

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**Tinkerbell** December 14, 2002

This was really tasty! I must say that the gravy was really thick, so some additional milk would really help that out.

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MaddieLC June 15, 2007

This is my "go to" recipe for B & G. I made it with out the American Cheese (not a fan), and was great...Thanks a lot. GregV

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GregV October 14, 2005
Cheese Biscuits & Sausage Gravy