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I have sent in a correction but thought this might make it through first. You need to add a small can of crushed pineapple, well drained and well dryed with paper towels.

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riffraff December 23, 2002

Riffraff, This cheeseball is AWESOME!!!! I made it yesterday for the family, and it is gone!! Made another one tonight to take to a New Year's party tomorrow. I squished and squeezed the heck out of all of the ingredients with paper towel, and it came out wonderful! I rolled mine in crushed walnuts because thats what I had on hand. The flavor combination is just unreal!! The cherries and green pepper makes it so festive! Thanks so much for posting this recipe:) ~Manda

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Manda December 30, 2002

Riff sent me this recipes as a request that I had for a cheeseball to send with my daughter for a office party. I have to tell you this was incredible. (correction hasn't been made yet but you also add pineapple. DD helped me put it together and I have to say the combination of flavors is out of this world. We ended up making 2 has my family started whining that we need one for home. This is like no other cheeseball you have ever tried! Yum. You made good on your promise Riff. It is the best!!!!

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Just Cher December 27, 2002

Well, I have had this at every party as far back as i can remember! My mom gets attacked if she doesnt bring it. It is pretty good, especially with ritz crackers. This is one of my moms most awesome recipies. The only thing hard is blotting the fruit, and that really isnt hard :) Even though it does sound a little funny, you should try it!! It will be a hit!! Love you mom!

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Loves2Teach January 24, 2003

Very good! This different mix of ingredients/seasonings in the recipe really go well together. It's very colorful too. I rinsed, chopped and blotted the fruit/veggies throughout the day and refrigerated them until it was time to make the ball at night. The pineapple I let sit in the colander, hanging over sink to drain, for about an hour or two. I used candied cherries (because I had them on hand to use up) and I really didn't have to do much to them except chop them, because they were already dry. I used one medium dill pickle; wasn't sure whether or not to use a small jar of pickles or a small pickle; I probably could've went with an even larger pickle though. I also rolled in the chopped pecans. This makes a big cheeseball! I served with rounded butter and onion crackers. My co-workers and I enjoyed this; I brought this for a work brunch. Thanks, riffraff!

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TheDancingCook April 12, 2004

Oh my goodness. I made a cheeseball every year for the holidays and I try to make different ones each time. I chose yours this year, but was leary of the cherries and pineapple with the savory ingredients. WOW, I had nothing to worry about. This is so good. It all blends wonderfully. We loved it. I will make again.

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mommyoffour December 28, 2014

Amazing flavor. Had my doubts but after the first bite I screamed WINNER!

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aronsinvest March 02, 2011

I was very reluctant to make this ball when I started cutting everything up. And even more so when I was mixing it together. But all doubt was taken away when it was tasted. THIS BALL ROCKS! I made it last Thanksgiving and it was gone before any of the other snacks were done. I will always make this for every event I go to.... Anyone having a baby?

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Victoria G. December 18, 2009

This is an absolutely fantastic cheeseball! I was a little concerned mixing cherries, pineapples and dill pickle together. The individual flavors did not overpower each other at all. The result was a delectable combination. In addition to the luscious flavor, it was very easy to put together - once the blotting was finished :) Thanks for sharing this soon to be family favorite.

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QueenBee49444 August 03, 2009

This was pretty good...it seemed to go over well with everyone. Seemed like a lot of ingredients for all that it was...I guess this just wasn't as good as my other cheese ball recipes but not to discourage anyone from making this...it was still very tasty...just not my personal favorite.

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Chef Kelly Bug February 26, 2009
Cheese Ball Maximus