Cheese and Jalapeno Stuffed Chicken Breast

Total Time
10 mins
30 mins

I love bacon jalapeño poppers and by adding the same ingredients to chicken can have a whole meal with that jalapeño popper flavor. For less fat use low fat cheeses and center cut bacon.

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  1. pre-heat oven to 350 degrees.
  2. grease baking dish.
  3. cut a pouch in each chicken breast fillet, careful not to poke through
  4. spread 1 Tbsp cream cheese in each pouch.
  5. add 1/4 shredded cheese in each pouch.
  6. add diced jalapeños to each pouch (more or less than 1/2 a jalapeño per chicken breast depending on your spice level preference)
  7. sprinkle garlic salt, chili powder and pepper on top of fillets to taste.
  8. wrap 2 pieces of bacon around each fillet
  9. secure each bacon piece with 1 toothpick near the opening of the pouch to keep fillet together.
  10. place in oven
  11. bake for 30 minutes.