Cheese and Guinness Fondue

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Total Time
10 mins
15 mins

A fun Swiss dish with a Celtic twist, this conversational dish is perfect for those cold winter nights. Cooking time is approximate.

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  1. Put grated cheese into a fondue dish or enameled iron casserole and melt slowly over medium heat, stirring continuously so as not to scorch.
  2. Add remaining ingredients and stir until the fondue thickens slightly.
  3. For dipping use chunks of French bread or toast.
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Fantastic, sophisticated flavor fondue. For dipping, served it with crusty Asiago bread chunks, roasted potato cubes, and freshly cut celery. Truthfully it was filling for two, glad I didn't make any other sides. Delicious and thanks for sharing Molly53!

Guinness and cheese, what can I say. We loved it. I served this with bread along side my Irish Lamb Stew. It was just yummy. I serve soda bread, a beer bread and plain fresh bread with some bread sticks, sort of a little of everything, there was twelve of us. Some even drizzled a little on their stew. It was just very good. I used white cheddar but same thing in taste, sharp white cheddar. We loved it. Thx Kim

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This was the perfect tart and flavorful cheese fondue for sourdough bread. This will be the recipe I use from now on. I was tempted not to buy Guinness for it, but was very glad I did.