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Very simple and tasty recipe - I followed Annacia's suggestion and used a bit less flour (3 cups) and it turned out lovely. Very light and toasts beautifully. Thank you!

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Katzen March 12, 2009

Nice flavor and texture! I was looking for something different and this is it. Do use only 3 cups of flour; the 3-3/4 is way too much. I used oil instead of butter. In case you're curious, the cottage cheese just kinda disappears. Got 6 large rolls and a small (8x4) loaf of bread. Thanks, Karen, for posting . . . Janet

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Jezski July 13, 2011

I chose this recipe for 2 reasons, I was out of buns and I had cottage cheese to use up. I was afraid that 3 3/4 cups of flour sounded like a lot so I used 3 cups thinking that I'd add as much of the rest as it needed once it was mixed and I could see how wet it was. I didn't add another pinch and the bread turned out very well indeed. I used fat free cottage cheese, 1/4 cup of egg white, 1 tbsp light margarine, a generous 2 tbsp of dried chives and added a generous tbsp of dried onion and Splenda for the sugar. The recipe made 8 hamburger sized buns that are lovely. They are moist, fluffy and scrumptious. :D

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Annacia March 05, 2009
Cheese and Chives Bread (Bread Machine - Abm)