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I found the same recipe in a little cookbook I picked up at a yard sale. Was going to post then saw this one. The one in this cookbook would make a enough for a crowd, it calls for 4 cans of green chilies and one dozen eggs. This might help anyone who wishes to double or even triple. It sounds good to me.

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True Texas August 07, 2007

I'm doing the South Beach Diet and I made these for easy "to-go" breakfast squares. I didn't have any canned green chili peppers but had a small amount of chopped jalapeno peppers in the bottom of a jar and I chopped and sauteed 3 red chilli peppers to add to those. I used 2% milk. Turned out scrumptious & definitely gets your mouth awake in the mornings!

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SolightlyUK March 13, 2005

This was exceptional! We're low carb and I make them with heavy cream replacing the milk. They are just delicious! They're so easy I use this recipe a couple of times a month now. They make a great appetizer or breakfast. They are very good left over, too. Just zap a bar in the microwave for a few seconds in the morning and you're on your way.

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dojustice April 17, 2004
Cheese and Chili Pepper Squares