cheddar onion bread

READY IN: 3hrs 5mins
Recipe by chia2160

tasty easy bread machine recipe

Top Review by Missy Wombat

I had a really negative experience with this recipe resulting in an overflow which was a potential fire hazard. I had scaled down the recipe because when I looked at the metric conversion the recipe seemed too big for the pan. I scaled everything down by 2/3. what I had forgotten is that while fluids have a 1:1 conversion ie 250 ml of milk weighs 250 g in the pan, the same can't be said of flour. So the 960 ml does not equate to 960 g but rather 600g. [Duh!] So I made the recipe with the same amount of flour but less of everything else. I will say that while my bread turned out disasterously probably due to this, it had a fantastic smell and the crust which was the only bit cooked thoroughly, tasted wonderfully cheesey and the onion came through well. Take home message? Watch out for conversions and scaling and remember that fluid and dry ingredients don't necessarily weigh the same. This recipe has real potential provided you don't muck about with the proportions intentionally or otherwise.

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  1. add to machine in this order.
  2. cook on'SWEET" setting.

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