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What a lovely and (yes) gorgeous bread pudding. Heaven on a plate. I used a loaf of bread that had cheddar baked in, added some crisped and crumbled bacon, sauted my onion in a bit of the bacon drippings and added some scallions on top to give it a bit of color. For my cheeses I used an extra sharp cheddar and a Dublin white cheddar. For my herbs I used thyme, parsley and used a pinch of your Sel Fou recipe for the salt. I wouldn't change a thing! The most satisfying breakfast I've had in a long time! Another brilliant recipe!

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under12parsecs March 31, 2011

This is so close to my Grandmas recipe, only she would add 1/2 tsp paprika, and sometimes leave the onions out. She would serve with a slice of bacon and a tomato wedge. It is my favorite comfort food.

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cookalot #2 January 10, 2011

Oh my word, this is so good. It's such an easy-fix too w/a lovely company-worthy presentation worthy of a spec occasion. I used whole wheat bread + a simple mix of herbs (mostly chives & parsley) & loved the flavor & bit of texture the onion added. DH & I enjoyed this for brunch (Mother's Day) & I think it would be so easy to expand this to a 1-dish meal by adding chopped broccoli to the cheese-custard mix. That sounds very good to me, esp combined w/the ham I used. Pair that w/a salad or soup & you got yourself a great meal. Thx for another fun, inspiring & tasty effort in my kitchen, FT. :-)

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twissis May 11, 2008

*Made for Australia/NZ Swap #42*
An enthusiastic 5* for French Tart's "Cheddar Gorgeous! Cheese and Onion Bread and Butter Pudding" 301346 ! Prepared 1/2 recipe for DH and me for lunch, with garden tomato slices. Canadian bacon, and onion slices ! We only ate 1/2 of THAT with a beer, saving the rest for pre-dinner "snack" --HA! No photo, it looked a tad messy, I had tried to stick the 1/4s together with toothpicks, but the pudding made the sections indistinguishable --- BUT NOT less yummy.gif ! DH noted that it would likely work very well as a strata, by layering all the ingredients -- which is just how I plan to try it next time ! Truly another First Rate recipe from our Hostess with the Mostess ! Thanks for sharing, Karen ! Now off for a nap !!

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NurseJaney July 27, 2010

This is very much like a strata, and I like it if it sits a bit. Refrigerated. Before cooking. I don't know farmhouse cheddar, I used Tillamook sharp. I also don't know English mustard, so I used my favorite. Thank you. I'll be trying more of your recipes.

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BumblingB's March 29, 2010

Would love to give this more than 5 stars. :) Perfect for a Holiday brunch!! I used chopped ham and sliced tomatoes along with the onion. YUM YUM! Made for the GB Tour of the Isles.

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Caroline Cooks October 09, 2009

Wow, this was great! I made it with garlic powder, cumin, and poultry seasoning for the herbs. I used sharp cheddar and a sweet onion. It went great with Acorn Squash and Apple soup (Sweet Acorn Squash And Apple Soup). Thanks so much for this tasty dish.

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sillyjodes October 13, 2008

I was looking for something different instead of potatoes and this fit the bill. What a great dish. I added more onions and cheese so that I could put some of the mixture on top of the bread. It is so light and it melts in your mouth. I'll definitely make it again using some of the options. Thanks for sharing.

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Andrea in NH February 03, 2012

This was a nice simple supper. It would also be good for brunch. I used whole wheat bread and sharp cheddar along with homemade mango chutney. The addition of chutney made it a bit sweeter than expected, but it was nicely complemented by a green salad with a sharp vinaigrette. I would probably make it again, but I would use a sturdier bread. Ordinary sandwich slices did not stand up well to the custard and it was a bit soggy. After removing it from the pan, I fried portions on a griddle until browned on the bottom. This firmed it up nicely.

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Cinnamon Turtle April 30, 2011

I loved this! The texture was great, and the flavour superb. I'm also in the West of France (Brittany) and couldn't find cheddar anywhere, so I made due with a mishmash of various cheeses from who knows where, and added tomatoes. I used whole wheat bread and Herbs de Providence, which was quite tasty. This easiness of it all really made it excellent, and earned the fifth star - thanks so much fro posting this!

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CookingTimeForMe May 21, 2008
Cheddar Gorgeous! Cheese and Onion Bread and Butter Pudding