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I was so pleased to find this recipe, as I too love apple/cheddar. The recipe is very easy to follow, and I really liked using the food processor for the crust (which is how I do my typical pie crust too). The filling was absolutely divine, one of the best I've made for an apple pie, but I did have a wee problem with the crust. I only made two small changes to the filling, both out of necessity due to what I had on hand: I used northern spy apples instead of granny smith (northern spy apples are great pie apples) and I used fresh lime zest instead of lemon. The filling was yummy even before it was baked, and the final product...oh my! Delicious! The crust came together easily, but I believe the 30 minutes of chilling time was insufficient since, after I rolled out the crust, the wax paper stuck to the crust badly. I had to slip the rolled-out crust onto a baking sheet and stash it in the fridge for another 15 minutes just so the paper would peel off properly. When tasting the finished pie, I felt that it would be an amazing crust for a savoury meat pie, but for a dessert it needs a little touch of sweetness, and I'll add a little sugar to the crust next time. Just my sweet tooth, I guess. And, unfortunately, I found the baked crust not as flaky as I would have liked, which I suspect is a combination of using all-butter plus adding cheese and using milk instead of water. Maybe subbing some Crisco for some butter will help here; I'll find out next time I make this. Despite the little bump in the road concerning the crust, I am very pleased with this pie: dessert was enjoyed by all (the rustic look of this pie is wonderful, very different) and this recipe is a real keeper for me. Thanks so much for posting it, Dorothy; I'm surprised it hadn't been reviewed until now!

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Lennie November 15, 2003
Cheddar Crust Granny Smith Apple Pie