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I have heart disease so converted this to a heart healthy recipe. I used turkey bacon (had to use a little extra olive oil), turkey sausage and boned skinless chicken thighs. I cooked my own beans (tinned are high in sodium) and used extra garlic (not only good for the heart but delicious!). Served this up with a fabulous salad and some crusty whole grain bread! We didn't feel like we were missing anything, this dinner felt like a "cheat nite".

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lynne12d_11193218 February 04, 2011

Fantastic! I did a lot of research before undertaking Cassoulet, and in the end I decided to base it on your recipe. The only thing I varied was the type of meat - I used a large ham hock, two duck breasts (browned in a pan beforehand to remove fat), some diced ham, and a chorizo sausage. I served it with sautéed savoy cabbage and a fresh homemade baguette. It was fattening, but soooo good! Thanks for a great recipe :)

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barrdbarrbarr December 22, 2009

This cassoulet was superb. I did do a few things differently. I had no bouquet garni so I use 1 tsp thyme, 1 tsp parsley and a bayleaf which worked out perfectly. After I was done browning the pork chops I deglazed the pan with the red wine mixture before putting it in the crock pot. Also, I used a tin of cherry tomatoes in place of the plain tomato. I used white kidney beans for the bean. The bread crumbs on top got mixed in during cooking in the crock pot, so I couldn't brown the top but it didn't seem to matterb because it was still delicious. Served it with mashed potatoes and "carmelized butternut squash" from this website.

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mommymakeit4u February 18, 2010

It was my first time making cassoulet and this recipe made it easy. I used a 2-qt dutch oven and, hot Italian sausages, and chicken thighs. The recipe calls for about 1 lb of sausages, but I used three sausages instead (about 10oz) and about three chicken thighs (about 12oz) and it was plenty of meat. I cut the carrots in diagonal slices for nicer presentation. I also added quartered mushrooms, which I sauteed separately and added to the pot This recipe definitely tasted good (what wouldn't with all that meat, red wine, and herbs?), but I only wish it looked more appealing in color. It was all very brown and even the breadcrumbs were a dark brown, not a golden crust like I imagined. I made fresh bread crumbs by cutting 1-in cubes of a big loaf (including crust) and mixing with olive oil combined with dried herbs (oregano, thyme, rosemary, and/or basil). Then bake flat on a sheet at 400 degrees for about 10 mins or until crispy then smashing with a rolling pin in a ziploc bag with no air. I served the cassoulet with the rest of the bread from the loaf I used for breadcrumbs, as well as mashed garlic red potatoes. This recipe is worth the wait for it to cook.

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vusandra February 22, 2010

Delicious and worthy of presentation at a dinner party!! I used pork this time, but will try it with chicken or duck next time. Thanks for sharing.

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Amanda in Adelaide June 22, 2009

Delicious! A must try recipe. I used meaty fresh Polish sausage (what I had available), a can of great northern beans, canned diced tomatoes (due to the season), and used all other ingredients listed. I didn't make a bouquet garni, but added fresh thyme, parsley, bay leaf, and freshly ground pepper. It was the perfect seasoning. I made it in the oven. The breadcrumbs thickened the broth a bit. I just served with bread, but want to try it again with mashed potatoes. Can't wait to taste the leftovers tomorrow.

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PanNan December 17, 2006

I've used other recipes for Cassoulet before but I like this one for it's simplicity. However, I simply cannot use a recipe without playing around with it. I'd like to suggest the following variations, with all due respect to the author, of course. Finely diced Chorizo to replace the bacon. The addition of a finely sliced stick of celery. Herbes de Provence and a handful of torn flat leaved parsley instead of bouquet garnis. An extra squeeze of tomato puree. A handful of cocktail pickled silverskin onions. Demerara sugar. I used English pork and herb sausages, prefried and quartered and pork loin chops cut into three or four pieces. Delicious!

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padders July 01, 2010

This was part of our Menu #31774. I made 1/2 the which easily serves 4-6. I used turkey bacon, because that is what I had. I suggest go for the real thing. My DH heard what I was making and wasn`t enthusiastic about it! But I did put in his favorite Hot Italian sausage and he was very very happy! :) Slicing it before I browned it, to remove excess fat. I used chicken wishing I had duck, it wouldn`t have been out of this world with it! cannellini beans and fava beans was my choice. One of my last garden tomatoes went into this so deserving dish! Roasted turkey stock was used. I didn`t weight the crumbs just place a liberal layer on top. I wished I added more to thicken the sauce more. I must say this is no less then 5 stars. I We loved it! Made me wish for France! Loved the flexibility of this recipe. Karen you did great! Merci beaucoup mon ami français!

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Rita~ November 03, 2009

I made this using chicken thighs, italian sausage and tomato juice instead of chopped tomatoes. I skipped the breadcrumbs (okay I forgot the breadcrumbs), and passed on the potatoes and noodles, but did serve homemade artisan bread instead. I will definitely make this again.

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kellcinn April 20, 2009

Well, first of all, let me tell you about the wonderful aroma in the kitchen while this was cooking. My poor husband kept coming in to ask if it was ready yet. I cooked the cassoulet in a 5 qt. Le Creuset pan in the oven and it only took 3 hours. I used some spicy, polish sausage,lean pork chops and canned cannolini beans. Your recipe was followed exactly and I wouldn't change a thing. I served this dish with a side of garlic smashed potatoes, sliced tomatoes and crusty, hard bread. Being only the two of us now, we have enough left over for tomorrow's lunch. Many thanks for a wonderful recipe and a definite keeper in this house.

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Irish Rose August 11, 2007
Cheat's French Cassoulet - Crock Pot or Le Creuset