Cheater's Oatmeal Pudding

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Recipe by vitalev

This is sort of a mix between a rice pudding and oatmeal. I generally like just plain oatmeal, but this is what I eat when I want a real treat. I'd imagine it would be a good way to get kids to eat oatmeal, if they don't mind the texture of it. Also, I make it with many different combinations of pudding/extract. Vanilla and almond are my personal favorite, but it's also good with chocolate or caramel pudding and other extracts. Play around with it!

Top Review by brokenburner

This recipe has been in my cookbook for a while, and I wish I had tried it sooner! I used 1/4 cup of Quaker old-fashioned oats and half a cup of water, but all 4 ounces of pudding... so it was REALLY creamy! I microwaved the oatmeal and water for 2.5 minutes, let it sit for a couple more, and then added vanilla extract (I didn't measure it but it was probably 1/4 teaspoon), two packets Splenda, and vanilla pudding. I didn't re-heat it because the thought of microwaving pudding just wasn't very palatable to me, but maybe one day I will try that! I'm planning to try this recipe with chocolate pudding and strawberry, lemon or orange extract... thanks for posting this truly fabulous recipe!! EDIT: I did try this with instant oats, chocolate pudding, and strawberry extract. I think the old-fashioned oats add a more pleasing texture, but the instant oats worked out just fine too.

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  1. Combine oats and water in a deep microwaveable bowl (very deep to prevent spilling over).
  2. Microwave on high for 5 minutes, or less if your microwave is strong. Let sit in microwave for about 2-3 minutes after it's done to let it thicken up (this is important).
  3. Remove oats from microwave. Stir in pudding, extract, and sweetener.
  4. Microwave for about 30 more seconds to re-warm.
  5. Sprinkle with almonds if desired.
  6. NOTE - I have NOT tried this using quick-cooking oats, I'm not sure how that would taste. Also, you can really cook the oats however you want, just make sure that they are thick before you add the pudding. I have a slow microwave, so 5 minutes is how long mine takes.

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