Cheaters Blue Moon Ice Cream

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Total Time
3hrs 5mins
5 mins
3 hrs

Yes, I too, am on a quest for the "true" Blue moon ice cream.This is the non-"fruit loop" flavor version. This one also doesn't have crushed pineapple. But if your version of Blue Moon HAS to have it, by all means throw some in! I got this particular recipe off of a Blue Moon bulletin board and I have yet to try it... so good luck!

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  1. Have frosted glasses or bowls at the ready.
  2. Do not add any more alcohol. If you do the mixture will not freeze properly.
  3. Blend ingredients in a blender until ice cream JUST turns into liquid.
  4. Put in frosted vessels and into the freezer IMMEDIATELY. The mixture has to set up FAST or the alcohol will separate.
  5. Serve in cold glasses right out of freezer.