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I'm lucky enough to tell you that I've had the Original Chasen's Chili recipe given from Mr.Chasen.. although ALL the recipes for it show pinto beans. Dave never used pinto or any beans of any kind!<br/>There is also two other issues, Dave always froze that famous chili reheating it before serving. It intensifies the flavors.. (try it if you have time).<br/>There is a "secret ingredient" no recipe posted has that he used. I know what it is..<br/>Can anyone guess what it could be? Hint: Starts with a 'K"!

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Marjorie M. November 28, 2014

This is such a wonderful chili recipe! I have been making it for a few years now and don't make any other recipe for chili. Sometimes If I'm in a hurry i will not use fresh pinto beans and just use canned and drained instead and just add 1 (15) oz can beef broth. Both ways are excellent. Nice to see the REAL recipe for Chasen's Chili. Thanks for posting!!!!!

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livie July 13, 2010
Chasen's Chili (Hollywood Nostalgia Recipe)