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The true chilean charquican has equal amounts of potatoes & butternut (or acorn) squash, this recipe has no squash at all. Also you should be able to see the pieces of corn. Ground corn is most used in bean stews (porotos), and it's called "mazamorra". Squash is used a lot in Chile during winter, even for dessert (Pumpkin fritters). Thanks!

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marceladns March 09, 2009

The last day of the ZWT and I was looking for a rather quick but comforting meal when I came across this recipe. What a marvelous way to grab up the bits and pieces in the icebox and turn them into a new and versatile entree. In my own rendering, I used leftover chicken diced into small cubes. (I figured anything meant anything and I wasn't going to use horse meat as it was historically prepared, why not.) For the veggies I put a bowl on a scale and just kept chopping until I had a pound; a combination of celery, carrots, red peppers, green peppers, and cherry tomatoes. The final dish is a blend of a hash and stew with bits of potatoes vegetables and meat suspended in a slightly thickened sauce made from the broth and pureed corn. The flavor of the sauce was nicely blended with the peppers and oregano and created a nice way to unify the overall dish. The whole meal, including frying the eggs was less than an hour and would be perfect for a brunch with some pan dulce. Gracias Kitchen Witch Steph!

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justcallmetoni June 30, 2008
Charquican- Chilean Stew