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This was fabulous! I did have a problem in that I got diced tomatoes with chiles by mistake instead of regular. For us that made it much too spicy (my fault). I wound up having to drain much of the liquid and adding broth to it just so we could eat it. But, that helped me discover a change I will make next time. At first I diluted with chicken broth, but when I had it for lunch the next day I used beef broth and it was much better. So next time I make this, not only will I be sure to use the right tomatoes, but I will use beef broth instead. And cilantro is a must here! I can't imagine it would have been good with mint, but then I am not a fan anyway. This recipe is a keeper!

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JenniferK2 February 20, 2009

okay it was put up to the taste test. this is the perfect recipe! i don't know what the comment below was all about. i mean cilantro gives this soup the perfect taste. i covered it after i added the meatballs and then cooked it on medium low for 35-40 minutes. (i had made the meatballs into 1 inch balls as well.i also liked that i didn't have to pre-cook the rice.) thanks again!

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birdie #3 (andrea) September 10, 2007

This was....different. I'm not sure about the flavor of the meatballs, but it may be my fault. I had no fresh coriander/cilantro so used a mixture of fresh parsley and fresh mint. (I've seen other recipes for this with mint) I think I may have used too much mint as it seemed overpowering. The flavor of the broth however was very nice. I will try this again and make sure I use the cilantro as I'm sure it will be much better. I will update my review when I make again. Thanks Charmie!

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CulinaryQueen August 09, 2007
Charmie's Albondigas