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Outstanding flavour and so easy to make. It was a good way to put the teenagers to work chopping and slicing. Made it with sliced beef. Didn't have fresh galangal, so used 1 1/2 teaspoons of laos powder (dried galangal). Galangal has a lovely, mild taste so I decided it was okay to use equal amounts of fresh or dried. A word of warning -- just coarsely grind the roasted peanuts. Otherwise you end up with peanut butter. Served on lettuce leaves -- the finished dish looks gorgeous. Made and thoroughly enjoyed for the Asian Forum's Tempted by Turmeric Tag Game. Yummo!

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Leggy Peggy October 16, 2008

I saw this recipe today and had to try it because it looked so interesting. I wanted to make a vegetarian dish (health reasons) so I subbed chick peas for the meat and just added them to the pot with the veggies. The only change to the sauce was that I used 1 T of fish sauce. I forgot to add the lime leaves until the end so I just bruised them and added whole to the pot. This was so fragrant and flavourful. It reheated well the next day too. Thanks for the recipe.

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Cilantro in Canada September 05, 2008

It took more than 5 minutes to prep everything but not a difficult task. And who really cares when the end result tastes as INCREDIBLE as this does!! WOW, the flavor is phenomenal!! I used lemongrass paste from a tube - a mighty handy little invention. I couldn't find fresh galangal so I used fresh ginger & tossed in some dried galangal powder that i found at the Asian Market today. ;) I subbed the zest of 1 lime for the kaffir lime leaves, as well. I tossed it all into my mini food prep chopper & WHIZZ. I used a family pack of boneless thighs & they were ALL eaten (2 adults, 2 young kids)! I was also lucky enough to find FRESH rice noodles!! 1 package is enough for 4, btw & they don't keep. I skipped the peanuts as THE PICKY ONE would have boycotted. I did add the mint at the end. (The bean sprouts ended up in another veggie dish with the bok choy.) We LOVED this dish & it will be made for company someday. YUMMMMM!!! Thank you!!! MAde for the Asian Forum's Use Your Noodle Tag.

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Elmotoo September 02, 2008
Char Kroeung